This is my book, unto which I am well-pleased

I’ve almost finished the revisions for my novel.  Once I go through “Untitled” in its entirety one last time, I’ll set it aside for a month.  Under the suggestions of one of the guest lecturers in Odyssey I’ve added connective tissue between the events (i.e., a causal chain.)  A happens –> therefore B happens.  Which is something important in genre fiction and plotting, and something that, believe it or not, I was totally unaware of.

I’m very pleased with my book and how much it’s improved.  Everything works together to a satisfactory, connected whole.  The characters could probably use some more development but I won’t work on that until I’ve gained some distance.  I’m going to set it aside for a month, as I said, once I’ve gone over it.  Then I’m going to ask for some opinions on the query letter and the first chapter from the Odfellows, and try some agents.

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