A bit of self promotion.

“Nocturne, Son of the Night” is now up on the Amazon kindle store, complete with description and blurb.  If you download (for free) the Kindle app for Android or iPhone, or a number of other devices (up to and including PC) you can buy it and read it.

Here is the link!

Here is a review from Inanna Arthen, author of the Vampires of New England series:
“The main character, Nocturne, is engaging and well-drawn… Cooper has created an intriguing and vivid fantasy world with a lot of plausible detail about its geography, weather, local economy, diverse species and relationships… [This book] is one of those Candide-type stories about the wanderer in search of himself and is quite compelling.”

As for pricing, I think $.99 is way too cheap for a novel.  Thus, I’ve priced it at $3.50 which some might say is steep.  However, (A) I think well-written (if I may be so bold) novels are worth that price and (B) that is hugely cheaper than anything a standard publisher charges.  Most released e-books from Random House and HarperCollins are $9.99.

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