My Genre — YA

That makes two publishers who categorized my book as young adult (and don’t publish YA.)

Re the categorization: It’s no wonder, now that I think about it.   “Reev Nax and the Dark One’s Hand” has more in common with Harry Potter and the Dragonlance Chronicles and Eragon (in a sense of its style and characters) than it does with modern doorstopper fantasy novels.  Also, it’s short (270 pages/63000 words) which is the typical word count for YA.

Most of my ideas are indeed geared toward a younger subset… high school/college-age fantasy fans.  I haven’t read many non-fantasy YA books, but I think I might on the next trip to the bookstore, or once I get my Nook.  Either way, I’m going to query YA agents and see how it all turns out.

The fact that I’m 22 might give a reason why I write YA-targeted books.

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7 Responses to My Genre — YA

  1. MPax says:

    Never give up. At least they responded and read your stuff. That’s positive. You succeed by sending out the next query.

  2. Writing in the YA genre isn’t a bad thing at all! Think of the possibilities. Keep sending out the queries and like MPax said, it’s a plus that they read and considered your ms enough to point out the reason they feel they weren’t right for you. Yes, I said right for YOU. Keep up the search. 🙂

  3. andrewjcooper says:

    Thanks, both of you! Getting published is a frustrating process, but I agree, I’m glad they took the time to tell me why. Now I have a better idea of how to market my book.

  4. Hey, that sounds good to me! I wish you the best on your hunt! 🙂


  5. andrewjcooper says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth! 🙂 Likewise.

  6. J.D. Brown says:

    I’m 26 and I understand what you mean about writing for college/YA – I think being in the twenties, we’re adults, but our “voice” is still very fresh and might come across as better suited for YA naturally speaking. I actually can see my Urban Fantasy novel being edited and made for a YA audience – though it would require a LOT of editing for all the adult content it has, lol. But lucky for me I found a publisher that likes it the way it is.

    Trying alternative methods with get your foot in the door is something I always encourage because it has helped me, but if you really want to write for adults, I say be persistent and keep trying with other agents/publishers.

    Good luck!
    J.D. Brown

  7. andrewjcooper says:

    Thanks, J.D. I am still in the process of exploring my options/trying to get a feel for marketing. Thank you for your input!

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