By Danthai the Highborn

It is written that the Titans came first. They hailed from the farthest reaches of the Great Expanse between the Worlds, and were unnatural to the Universe. The catastrophe of their coming caused a fiery explosion which carved a physical world out of the empty black Nothing.

The World Dragon, Elda, fought the chief titan, Yorann, but was slain by his thunder-spear. She became the bare sphere of the Earth. A bit of saliva fell from Yorann’s mouth and landed on the body of Elda, fertilizing it and creating the first plants, fungi and vegetation.

The Danen (gods) came second, but in spirit they were first. In spirit they had existed before the titans and before Elda, and before time itself. They were pure spirits native to the universe. Now when the titans came and caused the creation of the physical world, the Danen took physical form on the slopes of the world of Danda. Their power was passing great. The Naia were created by the Danen to be their servants and warriors. Seymus, the most beautiful creature of all the Naia, was called their lord. He was exceedingly powerful, more powerful than any of the Danen except for Alabaster.

He was jealous of the High God’s power. With the gods’ unwitting permission, Seymus created a secondary shade of Danda—the rocky, fire-scorched slopes of Nirbol—and created a barrier which the Danen could not penetrate. Then he openly rebelled against the Danen and attempted to murder Alabaster but failed. He and his followers crossed over and slinked back into Nirbol. He and the Naia were twisted to evil, becoming perverse shades of what they once were. Meanwhile, the Danen heard of Elda’s death and the Titans’ invasion.

The High God, Alabaster, traveled the Great Expanse, accompanied by Feanara and Cerne. Out of dust, water and air Cerne created the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and the beasts who wander the Earth. Out of pure magic Feanara created the fey of all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible. With his mighty powers of creation Alabaster formed the two Elder Races—the impulsive, short-lived humans and the wise, long-lived elves. The rock god Peong created the dwarves. The war god Tyr created the Rokahn. Nearly every god created a race in his own image.

Now the Earth was paradise. But the Naia, led by Seymus, heard of this creation and traveled the Great Expanse. They planted a seed of evil in Varda, and corrupted the Earth. They perverted the Rokahn into servants of evil, much to Tyr’s anger, and broke them away from the service of the war god. They planted a seed of wickedness within humans, making them corruptible. They caused animals to prey upon each other.

They perverted the invisible creatures who gave life to the Earth into something called disease. They tainted Elynthe, the world’s wellspring of magic, and caused a dark, Forbidden side to form which could be used for evil. Feanara, goddess of the fey, was greatly troubled to see the Earth’s corruption. She created a shade of Earth which she preserved from evil. Mortals could happen upon it only rarely; it was created for her own kind. She created the Enchanting, a beautified version of the Earth where the Fey—whether korrigan, will-o’-wisp, goblin or otherwise—could live without the influence of evil. Here, Feanara would make her home.

Now the Titans were still alive in those early days, and Yorann intended to destroy both the Danen and the Naia. However, the Danen, led by Alabaster,  stole Yorann’s spear and slew the titan king. Alabaster killed the remaining titans with the spear and then hurled the spear at the earth. When he pulled out the lightning-spear, it broke apart the various continents and formed mighty seas out of the wellsprings of the earth. The creation and corruption of the earth was now complete.

The war between the Danen and the Naia continues to this day.

– Danthai the Highborn, Head Historian
Compiled and Reviewed at the Library of Danarion
11 Anthanos, 661 Y.E.

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