City Profile: Bregantium

Country: The Empire
Province: Gad
Flag: A palmetto bug against a green field.

The patron god of the seaside town of Bregantium is none other than Bregedo, lord of money, trade, and the metals gold and silver. By any measurement, their patron god has blessed them. The white-pillared houses of wealthy merchants overlook the steep, rocky cliffs on the eastern quarter of the shoreline. Lining the sandy western side of the city are docks, where spices, perfumes, exotic goods, and sacks of grain are unloaded throughout the day, and freights full of timber depart for less wooded provinces.

Bregantium was formed by the Imperials in Y.E. 275 at the mouth of the river. It grew quickly in size and in Y.E. 316 was made the capital of the new province of Gad. During the Helanesian-Imperial War from Y.E. 451 to 460, the city was burned and completely razed to the ground by the Helanesian general Nikos. Following the defeat of the Helanesians, a new Governor’s Mansion was built, which still stands to this day. During the widespread rebuilding period into the early 500s, Bregantium served as a major port transporting wood from the northern lumbering town of Brill to abroad. Its function as a major port to and from Gad continues to this day.

Bregantium is located on the southernmost part of the province of Gad, and the northernmost region affected by the temperature-moderating Imperial Sea. Bregantium is blessed with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. A few miles north, the summer weather grows sticky and hot and the winter weather far colder. Throughout Bregantium’s impeccably-clean streets are palmettos and myrtles, causing some provincials to call it a “southern paradise.” However, there exists a darker side as well.

The working class, which mostly loads and unloads cargo, lives in crammed apartment buildings that grow unbearably hot in the summer months. Others are luckier and spend their lives as house servants to the wealthy Imperials. Still others live on the streets, keeping themselves alive by stealing bread or (less successfully) begging for it. Those who visit, however, rarely catch a glimpse of these people’s lives.

Bregantium, being the capital city of Gad, houses the huge, bright-white Governor’s Mansion lined with colonnades and marble statues. The current governor, granted power by the emperor himself, is a man named Felix Myrtles. Some of the provincials believe Felix governs without them in mind and never leaves the gubernatorial city, but he argues that he undertook a province-wide tour three years ago in Y.E. 1148.

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