Unofficial Announcement

No official announcement yet because it’s not legally binding (i.e., contract not signed), but I have some good news to share. The short of it: “The Dark One’s Hand” may be available within the next year or so. Throughout the process of publishing Nocturne, I realized I don’t very much enjoy marketing, nor do I enjoy being (or being called, especially being called) an “independent author.” I really detest the marketing aspect, the whole process of telling people about my work. In fact, I haven’t done much promotion at all and in general, have just let people come to me (Thank you, MaryFrikkenPoppins).

The editing process has only just begun. None of this is legally binding but I just wanted to let my readers know that a new book should be available soon in both print and digital editions, with hopefully more work to follow. Look out for an official announcement in the next couple of months. Until then, I’ll continue writing.

– Andrew

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