Profile: Fey Priestesses

The priestesses of the Green Lady, Feanara, are most commonly found (and hold the most political power) in the feudal kingdom of Zarubain. Only females are allowed to join the priesthood. Until the age of 33, they must stay abstinent. Upon reaching that age, they may take a husband of the knightly caste; however, rumors abound that marrying a priestess is bad luck and brings misfortune. Continue reading

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By Danthai the Highborn

It is written that the Titans came first. They hailed from the farthest reaches of the Great Expanse between the Worlds, and were unnatural to the Universe. The catastrophe of their coming caused a fiery explosion which carved a physical world out of the empty black Nothing. Continue reading

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City Profile: Zarubad

Population: approx. 120,000
Country: Zarubain
Nicknames: “The Royal City.” “The City of Bridges.”

The city is built upon a partially submerged river valley with numerous islands. Because of this, the city is mostly accessed via large bridges that span most of the islands. The ocean moderates the temperature so that the air is pleasantly warm in the summer and chilly in the winter. Continue reading

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Country Profile: Nardur

Of all nations in Varda, perhaps none are as dangerous to humans as Nardur. Nardur’s inhabitants are called druen: Elvish for “people of the night.” Humans also call the druen vampires, or, when they distinguish them from the inhabitants of Sardur, the Ice Vampires (as opposed to the Hill Vampires.)

Continue reading

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How about a book review?

When I first finished “‘Salem’s Lot,” I wasn’t completely blown away. Over time, it began to affect me more and more, and I read certain passages over and over again. I realized how brilliant it was; a synthesis of classic novels and macabre pulp-horror. It was an American Dracula.

Some might say it’s a copy off Dracula, but that, in my opinion, is why it’s so fascinating. As Stephen King admitted in the back of the book, it began as a question: “What would happen if Dracula came to 1975 America?” He delivers it brilliantly. I think this will become a true classic, years after it was published. So far it’s my favorite of Stephen King’s books. 10/10

Currently reading: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

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Book Two Finished

(I finished) a short first draft, but I have the story down. It has nothing to do with “Nocturne, Son of the Night” except that Nocturne makes an appearance as a minor character.

The title is tentatively “The Sage’s Shield,” although I’m 99% sure that will change. It’s 45,000 words or 205 pages. I expect it to be about 60,000 or about 270-300 pages when I’m done.

I introduced several new characters. Book 3 will probably commence by the end of the year, once Book 2’s revisions are done.


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Great review!

The wonderful MaryFrikkenPoppins (not sure if she wants me to give her real name) has given a great, thoughtful review of my book here.  Wow!

Does this count as bragging?

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